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3 Steps You Must Do to Lose Weight Permanently – Part 1


This week we will cover the first step.

Here’s what I know about you now:

You’re a go-getter over 40 who’s used to doing everything on her own, and losing weight and becoming healthy is no different.

You’re probably convinced you can go it alone, if only you could find the right combination of diets, personal trainers, cleanses, at-home workouts, what have you.

However you have noticed that as you have approached your 40’s. Things have changed. The food you used to eat with no problem, makes you bloated. Certain meals you loved no longer taste the same and on top of that you are certain it makes you gain weight overnight. Add the peri-menopausal stage to the mix and your body no longer feels like yours.

It’s not only annoying, it’s frustrating. And frankly, you’re just about over it.

You are tired of dieting, totally over counting calories and really just want to feel good about yourself again.

Does that sound like you?  Imagine going from that feeling of frustration and helplessness when the thought of dressing up for an event crosses your mind or attending a dinner event  to feeling  empowered and confident as you do when managing your team, presenting to the Board, or speaking on stage.

That’s where the 3 steps come in.

The first step is listening to your body. Your body is talking to you all the time. Are you listening? You eat in response to the bodily sensation of hunger or to the emotional feeling of hunger.

The sensation of hunger is a biological and physical reaction caused by the lack of fuel. Most people eat for both reasons and that is okay (Seriously it’s okay no judgement). It is important to know the difference because ultimately the goal is to eat fuel foods when we are physically hungry and satisfy emotional hunger with self-love.

There will be times when you will eat foods (joy foods) that are not fuel foods just because you like the taste and that’s okay. However in order to maintain a healthy weight, your diet should consist of 80-90% of fuel foods with joy food between 10 and 20%.

Examples of physical hunger symptoms

  • Your body feels weak
  • Headaches
  • Stomach is growling

Examples of emotional feeling of hunger symptoms

  • I am so upset I have to eat a bowl of ice-cream
  • I feel so lonely I need some warm food to cheer me up
  • I’m amongst my friends I have to eat to feel good.

Over the next few days, pay attention to why you are eating. Do you eat more when you are physically hungry, emtionally hungry or a bit of both? Please post your observations.

What are some symptoms you experience when you are physically hungry or when you are emotionally hungry? Please share your examples.

If you would like to learn more about these tools, I would love to chat with you. Please click on this link to schedule a FREE mini session with me.



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