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Did Your Doctor Tell You to Lose Weight?

I have had a lot of my clients (mostly women in their 40’s and above) come to me for weight loss because of a recommendation from their doctor. As upsetting as it can be your doctor has your best interest at heart and would like you to lose weight to prevent the medical condition you have from progressing any further.

These are the 3 Steps that I normally work on with clients that are facing a medical condition and weight loss has been recommended. I normally suggest these steps because they can easily be implemented and results can be seen fairly quickly.

  • Set Achievable goals

To create ongoing engagement with my client, I set small goals that are achievable. Goals that they can achieve by their next appointment. Smaller goals help to motivate my clients and they begin to see that weight loss is achievable despite what has happened in the past.

  • Daily Food journal/Exercise Log

Keeping a food journal and exercise log is one of the most effective strategies for my clients. Some are resistant to it in the beginning, however I encourage them to use it as a way to monitor themselves even if it is for just a short period of time. I also encourage taking pictures of their food and what they drink as an alternative to writing.

  • Stress plan. It is important to prepare for those times when life is interrupted.

Maybe you have to work late or you are traveling for work. I ask my clients questions on different scenarios that might prevent them from eating a healthy meal or working out to help create a stress plan.

If you follow these three steps it will place you on the path to your weight loss goal and also on the journey to a healthy lifestyle. If you would like some help losing weight or maintaining a healthy lifestyle I encourage you to schedule a FREE call to speak with me. Let’s chat about your goals and expectations and how I can help you achieve them.

To Your Vibrant Health!


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