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Don’t Make The Same Mistake I Made

Sometimes we think that if we keep doing the same thing somehow the outcome will be different.

In November last year I had purchased a winter coat from Nordstrom. It was warm, stylish (very important) and reasonably priced. From the first day I wore it I noticed how warm and snuggly I felt. However, I also noticed something else that was not so pleasant. It would leave feathers on my outfit.

I thought to myself this will pass. However the leaking feathers (you can google it) syndrome continued. I kept telling myself it will get better. It never did and I lived with it. A few times I was embarrassed to take off my jacket upon entering someone’s home because I realized I would have to spend the time taking off the numerous leaking feathers transferred to my clothing. Some colors masqueraded the feathers while dark colors like black provided the perfect background for the feathers to stand out for all to see and much to my annoyance.

You would think that I would send back the coat if I was so displeased with it. I should have (operative word – should) but I didn’t. I kept thinking it would get better. Why did I think it would get better even though I had not changed anything about the jacket?


Fast forward to a year later. Yes, a year later to the day I decided I had had enough with the jacket. I drove to Nordstrom. I wasn’t sure what was going to happen. I just knew I had to do something and Nordstrom the place of purchase was the first place to start. I spoke in my most polite voice ever and posed the question “Would you be able to help me with this problem I am having with this jacket I really like but never ceases to embarrass me”. I quickly added “I do not have the receipt“. She smiled and asked for my email so that she could pull up the information. She found it and yes it was purchased a year ago to the day. She took the jacket and refunded the exact amount I paid. Yes!! I liked Nordstrom prior to this purchase. After this purchase I looooved it.

I share this with you to let you know that if you are not happy with an outcome make a change. It could be changing the circumstance in my case or changing the way you think about the circumstance. If you want to lose weight or enjoy the benefits of a healthier lifestyle it is important to make a change. If you keep on doing the same old thing you will receive the same results no matter what. I receive a lot of calls from prospective clients saying  “I eat healthy and I’m not losing weight”. I always say something has to change, you need to do things differently. Eating healthy is a relative term in our society and unfortunately the Food Industry has found clever ways to market food that might not be as healthy as they advertise.

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