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I Was the Only One Out There Alone and It Inspired Me to Do This

I was in the minority and I couldn’t hide my excitement. 😊

I love to go out running when I visit a new city. I went to Naples with the family for Spring Break 2 weeks ago. Now before you start to wonder and to help you place the story in its proper context, I’m talking about Naples in Florida not Naples in Italy.

I went out running alone on my second morning there as hubby wanted to run on the dreadmill …Ooops! I meant treadmill. I couldn’t do it. I wanted to be outside – fresh air, the sounds of the birds, open roads and most importantly see the city.

While running I noticed others running, walking, biking and they all had one thing in common – yes, they were all Caucasian (aka white) but that’s not the answer I was looking for. They were all over the age of 55 (that might be pushing it) maybe over 60 and they were active and moving.

It tickled me to no end to see these women and men in their golden years hitting the pavement to give their body some love. I’m sure you thought I was going to say I was in the minority because I was black or perhaps because I was a female. Nope, wrong answer. Okay half a point for black because the only black person I saw on my 6 mile run was me, but I’m in Naples, FL so that wasn’t a surprise to me. I was in the minority because I was the youngest out there. At almost 50 years old (I turn 50 next year), it was a pleasant surprise to be the youngest person out there early in the morning depositing the gift of movement into my body.

Seeing them move made me keenly aware that this is what I want to be doing in my fabulous golden years. Hitting the pavement wherever I am in the world so that I can continue to feel and look great.

As I ran I would notice a couple or sometimes a man or a woman far up ahead and I would get ready with my signature level 3 smile. My signature level 3 smile is when I flash a smile that is disarming with just a hint of understated confidence. You probably thought I just like to smile, well that’s true but I also use it as a communication tool in my business and personal relationships. A smile is a great way to communicate in a non-threatening way without using words.

Anyway back to my signature level 3 smile, I unleashed it within about a 100 feet of the people or person approaching and patiently watch to see what would unfold. I noticed that their sometimes stoic look would soften. Most would respond with a smile and sometimes it would be accompanied by a polite “Good Morning.” Some from a distance would start smiling even before I had a chance to flash a smile. As I finished running I reflected back to the people I passed by and how excited it made me feel to see so many people moving in various ways with the common denominator – being over the age of 60. I couldn’t help but smile to myself,  this time a level 2 smile.

Have you thought about how you want to feel in your golden years?  Really think about it and be honest as to what you want. Complete transparency. What do you desire?  Remember truth wears no disguise.

You might be thinking that you have time. However the seeds you plant now will determine the outcome you enjoy later on. As the saying goes, “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago while the next best time is now.”  Now is the best time for you to start a healthy lifestyle if your goal is to enjoy a healthy life in your golden years.



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