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The Scale Friend or Foe

When working with my clients, I like to delve deep into their relationship with the scale.

I like to know if they have a positive or negative relationship with the scale. Most of my clients do not have a healthy relationship with the scale.

I like to encourage my clients to view the number on the scale as nothing more than a number. It’s their thoughts about the number that make it mean something. This can be very scary for them as all these years they have made the number on the scale represent something negative things about themselves. I would like for you to explore the option of weighing yourself everyday. I have a worksheet that I use with my clients that I will share with you. This will help you uncover how you feel about yourself, your body and your weight (it can be quite revealing) and place you on an empowering and positive relationship.

To your vibrant health!

Click here to download the worksheet.

What is your relationship with scale? How did you feel about the number displayed when you step on the scale. In this video I explore the feelings exhibited towards the scale.

Do you take everything off to get on the scale? Do you treat yourself differently based on the number on the scale?

View the video to find out how you can move towards a positive relationship with scale.

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