Are you struggling to stop overeating during the
Covid-19 Shutdown?

What if you could enjoy the lockdown and not have the overdesire to eat? 

Here's a secret... you're overeating because of overhunger.

Does any of this sound like you?

  • Worried because you are barely a few weeks into the Covid-19 shutdown and your clothes feel a little snug
  • You used to exercise regularly but have kept on working out using the online options now that all the gyms are closed. You wonder how you're still gaining weight.
  • Feel a sense of helplessness as you are unable to control your cravings.  
  • Feel overwhelmed as the feeling of intense hunger consumes you regularly especially night time.
  • Know what you need to do but seem to lack the discipline or motivation.
  • You're in state of confusion as you know you have to do something about your weight but don't know where to begin and in the interim the number on the scale is increasing. 

If this sound like your life right now, then you’re in the right place. I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be like this. 

The truth is we are in lockdown mode and it's easy to settle into eating for comfort.

Comfort can be in the form of boredom, loneliness, sadness, etc

However the comfort from the food doesn't last very long as you've noticed. Before you know it you're in your pantry looking for something else to provide relief. I get it there's alot going on in the world and it's not pretty. It's easy to eat, to get away from it all.

However the Lockdown will end and you are already worried about how you are going to look and feel if you don't start now to put an end to the overeating.

You have 2 options. You can try and do it on your own or step out boldly and commit to making a change by joining my 8 week group program.

Imagine if you could.... 

  • Have a Weight Loss and Mindset expert to answer your questions, provide support and keep you accountable for 8 weeks.
  • Be comfortable and confident with all kinds of food in your pantry during the lockdown, because you no longer worry about the the feeling of anxiety that might come up because you’ve learnt how to manage your urges and overeating has become a thing of the past.
  • See the pounds drop without feeling deprived or starved.
  • Learn how to recognize your true hunger signals.
  • Feel at home in your body.


Essentially learn how to stop overeating and lose weight in a way that leaves you feeling powerful and in control of your body.

I have always been slim and never had an issue with my weight. However 2017 – 2018, I started to notice some weight gain. My clothes still fit, so I was not overly concerned, but I did stop weighing myself, because I did not like the number on the scale. A visit to the doctor’s for my annual check-up revealed a number on the scale that I could not believe. I had gained fifteen pounds. The doctor noticed it too. Plus, my blood pressure was high. In all my life I have never had a high blood pressure reading. I went into panic mode and I did not know where to start.  

I wanted to lose the weight that I had gained, but more importantly I realized that what had worked all my life would no longer work in mid-life. My body had started to rebel (in my view) and I needed to learn how to manage my weight in the long term, without a short term fix.  

Kwavi taught me patience. She made me understand that this time it was different. I needed to learn how to listen to my body. She was very patient with me, particularly because I was extremely impatient with my progress. She taught me to weigh myself everyday.  

I started to learn what my body could and could not handle. She taught me that just because a food is healthy, does not mean that it is right for me. I learned how to nourish my body and still enjoy what I ate. If I did not like the taste of something, I was encouraged to try new foods, to find what I liked to eat.  

With the help of the program I am now back to my normal weight. I lost all the weight that I gained, and I could not be happier. Additionally, my blood pressure is normal.  

I loved eating based on a hunger scale, rather than just counting calories. Learning to stop eating when I was satisfied but not full, was a major transformation for me. I learned that I do not need as much food as I originally thought.  

Ugochi Washington DC 

Kwavi, thank you so much for your support and guidance during the pogram. I have done some challenging things in my young life, but this definitely tested me in a different way than most of the others. Will power was definitely tested repeatedly!  

Prior to doing the program, I thought my eating was pretty good. I ate plenty of fruit and vegetables. Focused on consuming lean meat, like chicken and turkey breasts. No fried foods and limited ‘junk food’…my ‘junk food’ staple was a Clif Bar. But I realized a few things: I was consuming a ton of sugar, my diet wasn’t properly balanced, and that I could nearly eliminate dairy. The step of removing sugar (I would always put sugar in my coffee…note that I did not give up coffee) was tough but I have significantly reduced my intake and no longer put it in my coffee. I am drinking more smoothies and using reduced sugar Almond milk or water. I have reduced my dairy intake and as a result have eliminated some additional sugar content from the flavored Greek yogurt. The 21-day program recalibrated my nutrition and I am better off for it.  

Pre-Program Weight: 167 pounds Post-Program Weight: 158 pounds and my lowest body fat percentage ever…4.1%  

Many thanks and keep motivating and guiding others to embrace a healthy lifestyle!  

Eric Simmons NFPT Certified Personal Fitness Trainer, E Trains U Fit Camps and Personal Training  

I LOVED LOVED LOVED doing your program. My husband and I talk constantly about how much amazingly better we feel. We are going to continue the habits you taught us, we will add back lean meats and I am still hanging on to my coffee. The rest of the stuff can stay gone.  

I get eczema on my hands, hips and eyelids (I think from gluten) which went away when I did your program. I am 53 years old with joint pain which went away when I did your program. I DO sleep much better, I have more energy, my mental state is so, so, so much better.  

Lynda Hershman, Huntingdon Valley, PA  


'Kwavi is an amazing health coach". Her style is to support, encourage and push you till you reach your goal.  

She listened to me and worked out a realistic plan to help me address my unhealthy eating habits and help me reach my ideal weight even though we lived over 4,000 miles apart. Thanks to technology, Kwavi can be your personal health coach where ever you live - she is truly the best....'  

Mrs Stella Okeahialam MBE United Kingdom. 


The tools I share with you in my program are tools that I have been using for years and I have fine-tuned to make it applicable for you during the lockdown.

I've shared these tools with clients and they have been able to stop overeating.

We are not sure when the lockdown will end, however you can learn the tools to stop overeating and use it during the lockdown and beyond.

You will be learning how to feel comfortable around food without the constant urge to eat even if you're up late at night.

I've taken my 28 years of being a Wellness Advocate/ Weight Loss Coach to create an 8 week program that focuses on overeating.

Introducing the

Stop Overeating Program - Lockdown Edition

Introducing the 8 week weight loss program for women (men are welcome). A program that takes into account the Lockdown situation so that you can stop overeating and lose weight for good.  

I will share with you how to solve your overdesire and overhunger so that you have the upper hand when it comes to your relationship with food so that you feel in control.

I will share with you the Lockdown Toolkit  that will help you break the cycle of using food to fix the way you feel.

You will learn how to eat when you're hungry and stop when you're satisfied.

You will learn my simple (not easy) 5 step process that my clients have used to find success and I've used on myself for the past 25 years.

Lastly when those obstacles appear and they surely will, I'll show you how to keep going when you don't want to.

During this unexpected lockdown we have all been reminded of the shortness of life. This is a wakeup call and the perfect time (most of us of all have alot of time) to focus on your precious health through this program.

I was interested in Kwavi's program to rid my body of toxins built up throughout my training for my last half marathon and to cleanse my body prior to the upcoming holiday season.  

That’s exactly what happened—I was able to forego many of unhealthy options that would have left my body feeling sluggish, bloated, and lethargic and was able to continue weeks of healthy exercise throughout this past holiday season. This put me in a much better starting line position for gearing up for my first full marathon training in the New Year.  

Your body’s performance is only as good as you fuel it!  

Currently, I am continuing with many of the healthy habits I learned from Kwavi’s program, including drinking lemon water upon waking, incorporating quinoa, the healthy grain.

Without a doubt, the reduction in all things BLOAT was my favorite aspect of the program, for the obvious reasons of looking better, feeling better, and moving better.  

LeAnn Cady Red Wing, Minnesota  


Here's what's included

  • 8 weekly Coaching Calls (Tuesdays at 8pm EST)
  • Committment letter (each participant has to sign this to show their commitment to themselves)
  • FB Support Group
  • Weekly Fun Challenges and tasks
  • Suggestions and support to create individual protocols for each participant
  • Peer Support and Accountability
  • The Overeating (OT) Tool kit – (Hunger scale, The Protocol, The Hormone Helper, Curb Urges tool, Fat Adaption tool etc) 
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Weekly Call Schedule

Calls will be on Tuesdays at 8pm within the Facebook group. Calls will be recorded and sent to you by email the next day.

April 14

April 21

April 28

May 5

May 12

May 19

May 26

June 2

The program begins April 13th until June 1st (8 weeks)

Investment: The recommended price is $97. However if you're unable to pay $97, I want to give you the option to pay what you can afford. I know now more than ever it is important to focus and take care of your health. With all that's going I want to make this an easy yes for you if you are interested in participating.

Who's behind the Program?

Kwavi is a 51 years bold Certified Midlife Lifestyle coach and International Speaker who specializes in helping bright, successful women in midlife manage their health, mindset and waistlines so that they can find balance and shine and thrive in Midlife. She uses her coaching programs, international retereats and master classes to help her clients to Her passion is helping women in Midlife master their health and wellness.  

She provides women with powerful tools and empowering knowledge to help them take control of their bodies and embrace midlife as a fascinating and exciting journey. 

She received her B.Sc in Information Technology from Thames Valley University in the United Kingdom and obtained a Masters in Medical Informatics degree from Northwestern University in Chicago. She trained with Wellcoaches and is a Certiifed Weight Coach.

Kwavi is a wife and mother to 2 teenage boys. She is a blogger with the Huffington Post and Thrive and has been featured on CBS, NBC, Best Self Magazine and the Atlanta Journal Constitution.  

Susan Hyatt is a Master Certified Life Coach whose fierce, fun and fresh approach to personal development has won her thousands of fans on Facebook, glowing praise from icons like Dr. Martha Beck and Maria Shriver, and a sold out coaching calendar - with many programs selling out in six hours or less. She has also been featured on and on the Oprah Winfrey Newtwork (OWN).  

This is what Susan had to say about working with me:

This is for you if 

  • You are ready to make a change. 
  • You've noticed your clothes are a little snug around the waist. 
  • You are all in and ready to the hard work required to get the results.  
  • You are 100% honest with yourself and with me. 
  • You are fully committed to yourself. 
  • You don't want to end the lockdown weighing more than you did when the lockdown began.

This is not for you if 

  • You are looking for a magic pill.
  • You are not willing to put in the work and do the heavy lifting.
  • You are in denial about the reasons for your current state, 
  • You can’t be honest with yourself or with me. 
  • You are not willing to prioritize yourself and your health.
  • You don't believe you can stop overeating during the lockdown.

I'm ready! to join the program starting April 13th.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: How much time will I need to set aside each week to make sure the program works for me? A: This program isn’t about putting a certain amount of time each day. This program is about changing the way you live. However you'll need about 3 - 4 hours dedicated to this program each week.  

Q: Will you be advocating any particular diets when we work on the healthy lifestyle module? A: No. Losing weight and getting healthy is a process and every bit of research out there on the subject has shown that diets and other temporary solutions are just that, temporary. We are not going to be putting you on a diet. We will not be starving or depriving you. Yes, we will be adjusting your menu so that you are eating healthier if you are not already, but we will be approaching this as a lifestyle change that will be permanent in nature.  

Q: When does the program start? A: The next program begins April 13th and ends the week of June 1st.

Q: Is this a diet? A: No this is a program that focuses on tools that curbs overeating and helps you manage your emotions without food. 

Q: Do we get access to you during the program or is this self-study? A: You will have access to me during the program. There will be weekly calls and a private FB group.  

Q: Is this just for women?
A: No men can join also.  

Q: I am vegan or gluten-free - will this program work for me? A: Yes! This program is designed to work for everyone, regardless of any special dietary needs.  

Q: How much weight can I lose in 8 weeks?
A: This will depend on how much weight you have to lose. My clients have lost from 7 pounds to 20 pounds in 8 weeks. This is just an average and weight loss will differ from person to person.  

Q: Are you a medical professional? A: No, I am not a medical doctor and I do not provide medical advice or consultations. I leave the diagnoses and medical consultations to the licenses professionals. 

Q: Do you Guarantee Results? A: No, at the end of the day the only person who can guarantee results for you is you. I will give you a plan and tons of support, but you will have to give this your all. And believe me, you can do it.  

If you still have questions, please send a message with your question to 

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