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How to Spot a Fad Diet

Posted on June 23rd, 2015

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Why You Should Make a Scene

Posted on June 16th, 2015

Making a scene can be viewed as negative. Watch the following video to see how you can make a scene in a positive way and how this can help you to become healthier.  

The Sounds of Summer

Posted on June 8th, 2015

This article was originally posted on The sounds of summer include splashing, motor boats, sizzling on the grill and kids saying, “Mom, I’m bored.” Certified weight loss and lifestyle coach Kwavi Agbeyegbe is here to help with loads of tips for getting kids off the couch and moving outside […]

Keep Your Eye On The Donut Not The Hole

Posted on June 2nd, 2015

While focusing on your goals it is so easy to get distracted by issues that can derail you from achieving your goal. Look at the donut that I have so lovingly placed on the blog cover. A donut has a hole. However if you focus on the hole you lose […]

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