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The Downside of Living a Healthy Lifestyle

Posted on May 30th, 2016

Today, I’m going to be talking about the downside of living a healthy lifestyle. Yes, unfortunately there is a downside. I speak with a lot of women about losing weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Sometimes there are some thoughts and feelings that creep up that derail their efforts. This does not happen […]

New Nutrition Labels: What’s Different?

Posted on May 24th, 2016

Like the First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama I am passionate about encouraging others to live a healthy lifestyle. On May 20th, 2016 the First Lady joined the Secretary of Health and Human Services (Kathleen Sebelius) and the FDA Commissoner (Margaret Hamburg) to unveil an update to nutrition […]

You May Not Realize It But The Comfortable Choice You Are Making Is Very Expensive

Posted on May 17th, 2016

Today I’m going to be discussing how a comfortable choice can end up being very expensive. Last week I attended a Mastermind in San Diego and during the conference we discussed how comfortable choices affect our businesses in the long run in an expensive way and how it is so important […]

You’ll Remember What These Foods are Good for After Seeing These Pictures

Posted on May 10th, 2016

Sometimes it’s hard to remember what to eat to benefit the various parts of your body. Fortunately, some foods look so much like the body parts they help that it’ll be hard for you to forget. Check out these five foods….. Click here or on the image above to read the […]

Don’t Start a Detox or Cleanse Without Reading This

Posted on May 3rd, 2016

You’re probably familiar with spring cleaning. Many of us spend a weekend each spring de-cluttering after the long winter, washing windows, shampooing carpets, and generally preparing our homes for the glorious summer ahead. But have you ever considered a spring cleaning for your body? Often referred to as a detox […]

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