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This One System Can Sabotage Your Weight Loss Goals

Posted on February 21st, 2017

Today I want to talk about something that has the power to derail your efforts in trying to lose weight or live a healthy lifestyle and has nothing to do with food and exercise. In fact you could be doing both of those things and still not be able to […]

Ladies, It’s Time to Sparkle and Shine

Posted on February 13th, 2017

Are you a mother? Are you a businesswoman? Are you a wife? Are you a sister? Are you a female?  Whether you’re one or more of these amazing, wonderful things, you should be proud of yourself—but I bet you spend very little time each day basking in the glory of […]

3 Steps to Do in 3 Days to Prevent Overeating

Posted on February 6th, 2017

In this episode I will be talking about 3 steps I’d like you think in 3 days to prevent overeating. Overeating has been named as one of the culprits when it comes to weight gain and in living an unhealthy lifestyle. I want to give some steps that you can […]

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