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Eating healthy While Traveling Day 5 – Three Meals and a Can of Salmon

I am so happy today. I woke up determined to eat 3 healthy meals today after my 2 unhealthy meals of yesterday. And guess what ? I was able to eat 3 healthy meals. Physically I felt differently today compared to yesterday and it had a lot do with what I put into my body. I felt tired and sluggish yesterday while today I feel energized. WooHoo! Lest I forget I also worked out this morning at the public gym and that contributed to my high energy level today.

I had a setback yesterday but didn’t let that stop me from continuing with my quest to find healthy food in Brazil. You might have a setback when trying to lose weight, start a business or some other area in your life, don’t quit and give up. You can feel sorry for yourself for a few minutes (okay maybe a little longer, I did feel sorry for myself for little bit yesterday). You should take some time to also remember why you started the journey in the first place, if that reason still stands then you need to stand up to it and get back to making steps to get to the outcome you deserve. You know you deserve it.

Granola and flax seed with yoghurt. Sardines with a slice of wheat toast. Apple slices and an orange (the banana I ate after my workout). A glass of orange juice.


A side salad, brown rice pilaf, kidney beans, grilled salmon and baked tilapia.


A side salad with my trusty wild salmon, brought all the way from Atlanta. I packed a few cans of salmon for my trip, for those times when I needed to umph my protein content. I also brought a can opener lol!!


I’m off to the Municipal Food Market in Curitiba in Brazil tomorrow. The Municipal Food market has a varied display of fruits and vegetables from different regions in Brazil. Visit my blog tomorrow to find out all about it.


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