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Eating Healthy While Traveling – Day 2

I woke up very late today after staying up way past my betime last night catching up on some work. I missed breakfast and ended up with eating 2 meals today. Listen to the clip below to find out more.

The buffet lunch options. As you can see alot of beef dishes. What’s a non-meating girl to do ? Well I am up to the challenge and was able to find a delicious lunch amongst the carne displayed. I really hope I am able to find some hot non-meat dishes. I like salads but love warm food.

Lunch – Salad with Pita bread accompanied by Paella and Salmon.

Day 2 lunch in Brazil

Day 2 lunch in Brazil

Dinner – Salad with Cod-filled ravioli.


It has not been easy getting all my meals in. However I have decided to change my priority of eating frequent meals to making a deliberate effort to eat healthy meals when I eat and for me that means eating foods that provide the nourishment that my body needs (mainly vegetables, protein and smaller portions of carbs) and on a few occasions adding some joy food (which in my case would be ice-cream and chocolate). How do you handle healthy eating when you travel? What are your joy foods ? Please share your tips and the joy foods you love.

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