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Eating Healthy While Traveling Day 4 – The City Shuts Down

Today was not a great day on the eating healthy while traveling front. I woke up late which was a good thing, however that meant that I missed breakfast. I decided to get lunch only to find out that most restaurants were closed. All because Brazil was playing, this was an opportunity for me to witness first hand the love of the game by the Brazilian fans. They love the game of football, women, children, men, old, young in their yellow and green to show their support for the players. I finally found a restaurant and had to make a decision on the slim offerings they had for a non-meat eating gal. Dinner was extremely late and I settled on a couple of slices of cheese pizza.

All in all I was grateful on Day 4 for the chance to learn that despite the setback I encountered today, tomorrow is another day to do much better. And yes I am determined to find healthy eating options, so stay tuned to find out how it goes tomorrow.

Lunch – Cod balls with french fries


Dinner – 2 slices of cheesy pizza served in a makeshift plate (aka pizza box)


Do you give up or beat yourself up when things go wrong ? It is easy to do that however it does not serve us in any way. Find ways to turn the undesired outcome into a catalyst to propel you forward with determination to overcome. I am looking forward to an awesome day tomorrow.


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