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Eating Healthy While Traveling Day 6 & 7 – Avocado ice cream and 3 stops on a plane

Olá! from Brazil. Day 6 and 7 ended up being really busy days for me. With Day 6 being extremely busy because we had to pack and it was also a holiday (Corpus Cristi) with alot of places only open for half of the day. Eating healthy on Day 6 was a challenge however I did start of the day with a great meal from the Mercardo Municpal in Curitiba. I enjoyed visiting this indoor market with a variety of nuts, grains, fruits, vegetables, fish, peppers, granola, meat to name a few. As soon as I got to the Market I was visibly excited about all the fresh produce around me.

Trip to Mercado Municipal in Curitiba

Day 6 Brunch
Wheat pasta and brown rice, baked fish and a side salad.


Day 6 Dessert
Yummy Avocado ice-cream


Day 7 started off at 3:30am. It was a cold morning and I couldn’t wait to board the flight as soon as I arrived at the airport. The flight was rather interesting as the plane stopped twice allowing passengers to get off and get on. It seemed more like a bus than a plane to me. We finally arrived in Cuiaba (3rd stop) and the bus (Ooops! plane) still had one more stop to make. The warm weather in Cuiaba was welcoming after enduring 50 degrees in Curitiba. What can I say I am spoiled by the Atlanta weather.

Day 7 Brunch
White rice, baked fish with capers and mushrooms and a side of lettuce and tomatoes.


Day 7 Dinner

Wheat sandwich with lettuce, sun dried tomatoes and cheese.
Freshly made guava smoothie.


I didn’t eat 3 meals today,but planning to eat 3 meals tomorrow. I am looking forward to the Nigeria vs Bosnia match on Saturday. Yay! I love the ambience at the stadium.

Thanks for reading and coming along with me on my journey to Brazil. I look forward to updating you on my trip to the Arena Patanal for the match. Thank you for your comments and keep them coming.



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