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Eating Healthy While Traveling Day 8 – Cashew nut juice and Nigeria defeats Bosnia

My trip is slowly coming to an end and eating healthy while traveling has its fair share of challenges. I am enjoying Brazil and the wonderful hospitality displayed by the people, however I am missing home especially my dog, Shadow. I also miss my bed, home cooked meals and my smoothies. I am running a FREE 25-day Smooth Move challenge in July. Click here to read more about it and sign up.

Granola with soy milk. Fruit (watermelon, pineapples and cantaloupe)
A slice of wheat toast.
Cashew nut juice. Click here to see what it looks like and my thoughts about it.


The day started off early enough for me to make it to breakfast in the hotel before it was over. Right after that I watched the Argentina vs Iran game, where Iran fought hard and I was beginning to think that it would end in a goalless draw. I was wrong. Messi displayed his magic during stoppage time as he quickly moved the ball to his dangerous left foot and scored an amazing goal and provided Argentina with the points needed to advance to the next round.

Once this game was over I had to make it over to mall for lunch before heading to the Arena Pantanal in Cuiaba for the match between Nigerian and Bosnia.

Side salad
Sauteed greens, brown rice with spicy sauce, baked fish and 2 slices of fried plantain.


The ambience at the stadium was incredible, excitement filled the air with people from all over the world smiling, chatting, dancing, taking pictures, etc. Nigeria defeated Bosnia and helped to end Day 8 for me on a remarkable high note.

I was able to eat a snack during the match. Yay! Roasted peanuts. See the picture below.


Wild salmon (I brought some tins of wild salmon for use as emergency protein) and a slice of pizza. I wasn’t very hungry, probably because of the excitement over the win. however I decided to eat because I didn’t want to wake up hungry.


On other World Cup matters I am looking forward to watching USA play Portugal later today. Are you following the World Cup? Which matches have you watched? Which ones are you looking forward to? Post you comments as this Futbol-Loving Lifestyle Coach would love to hear your thoughts.



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