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When your kids say they are bored…

The sounds of summer include splashing, motor boats, sizzling on the grill and kids saying, “Mom, I’m bored.”

Certified weight loss and lifestyle coach Kwavi Agbeyegbe is here to help with loads of tips for getting kids off the couch and moving outside or in the kitchen helping to make healthy meals.

Get Your Kids Moving

Create a daily schedule with input from the kids. According to, most kids spend an average of three hours every day watching television. Unfortunately, screen time encourages sedentary behavior. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that you allow children no more than one to two hours of total screen time each day. I created a schedule for my children to use daily, because my boys if allowed, would use their electronic gadgets all day. Set times were created for electronics, free play (no electronics involved), journaling and reading. My children have become very creative with free play from dressing up as secret agents to playing board games.

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