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Kwavi Agbeyegbe is a reputable Dietician and a weight loss expert/lifestyle coach; as well as being a wife. She graduated with a degree in Information and Technology at the University of West London and went further to obtain a Master’s in Medical Informatics at a University in Boston, USA.

Today, she has gained a reputation in the US for having helped a lot of people stay healthy and in shape. In this interview, she talks about her upcoming project in Nigeria tagged, “the campaign” #MiraclesForMirable. MiraclesForMirable is a Project for rape victims who do not have anyone to solicit for their cause in Nigeria and is slated for November 12th, 2016.

YOU are in the health and fitness business, how have you fared so far?
Health and Fitness is a passion of mine. The business has its ups and downs with more ups than downs, however it’s so fulfilling and I love the opportunity to help women find a way to live a healthy life that fits their schedule and lifestyle.

What additional thing do you wish to add to this craft and love if given the opportunity?
I would love to speak to young girls so that they can start from an early age to love and respect their bodies and learn healthy habits.

You have taken this passion to the US, do you wish that Africans -perhaps Nigerians-have a taste of your method in the nearest future?
In the past, I have had online clients across Africa, however face-to-face interactions with clients is so powerful. My goal is to offer more live events and wellness coaching programs to women in Nigeria and other countries in Africa utilizing a combination of face-to-face and online methods.

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