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1 Mistake That Is Preventing You From Losing Weight

I have a confession to make. I don’t eat healthy foods all the time. I don’t exercise all the time. In fact I did a video blog in July about not exercising after I got back from vacation and had to motivate myself to go back to working out. You are not perfect. No one is.

It is not going to be perfect, so quit being hard on yourself. Yes the 1 mistake you are making is thinking that you are going to stick with it 100% all the time.

It’s a myth of the dieting mentality, that when you make changes to your eating patterns that you have to stick with them 100% without faltering.

When you make changes as important as your eating patterns, you will have some struggles along the way.

Think about your children. They are constantly learning. At every stage it is something different – toddler, school age, tweens, teenage years.

They make many mistakes before they get it right. We are there to correct them and encourage them over and over again.

In my video blog 2 weeks ago I encouraged the viewers to write down everything they eat for 7 days. This is what I do with all my private clients. In order to learn you have to write down everything. This means that if there are days you eat more than you need to it has to be written down. That is how I can help you and that is how you learn and quite frankly that is life. You don’t learn much on the days things are going smoothly and learn so much on the days that you struggle.

For example, if on one of the seven days, you over-eat while watching a sporting event, then that is an area of difficulty for you, we become aware and come up with a strategy.

I recognise that there is a temptation to only want to share when things are going smoothly.

But it’s when things are not going to plan that I can help you the most.

It’s not just you.

It never is.

Whatever you have been through in trying to lose weight, there is someone else out there that has been through the same thing and has been able to succeed.

If they can, I know you can too.

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Thanks for viewing my video blog have a wonderful week.



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