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3 Steps to Lose Weight Permanently Over 40 (Part 1)

As a Certified Weight Loss Coach to smart and successful women over the age of 40, I am more interested in how you think than what you eat so that we can uncover the fundamental source of weight gain and you can achieve permanent weight loss.

This week we will cover the first step.

Here’s what I know about you:

You’re a go-getter over the age of 40 who’s used to doing everything on her own. Losing weight and becoming healthy is no different.

You’re probably convinced you can do it alone, if only you could find the right combination of diets, personal trainers, cleanses, at-home workouts, what have you.

Yet you try and try and try and nothing works. Nothing changes. The weight stays on and your outfits still hug your midsection/hips/whatever way too tight.

It’s not only annoying, it’s frustrating. Frankly, you’re just about over it.

Are you tired of dieting, totally over counting calories and really just want to feel good about yourself again?

Does that sound like you? Imagine going from that feeling of frustration and helplessness when the thought of dressing up for an event crosses your mind or attending a dinner event with a buffet display that excites yet scares you to feeling empowered and confident as you do when managing your team, presenting to the Board, or speaking on stage at a conference.

That’s where the 3 steps come in.

The first step we are going to cover this week is recognizing the difference between the physical sensation of hunger and the emotional feeling of hunger.

The physical sensation of hunger is a biological and physical reaction caused by the lack of fuel food. An emotional feeling of hunger can be very similar.  It starts from the brain and sends a signal, like a vibration to the body, like being lonely, overwhelmed or angry.

Most people will eat for both reasons, however the magic is realizing when you are eating for a physical need or for an emotional need. It is important to know the difference so that each type of hunger is appropriately treated with the proper tool or action. Physical hunger should be solved with fuel foods, while an emotional hunger should be resolved with self-love.

Examples of physical sensations – a growling stomach, your body feels weak almost a faint feeling, you get a headache, etc.

Examples of an emotional need or feeling of hunger – Lonely, Unhappy, Boredom, Nostalgic, etc.

You begin to manage your mind when you are able to differentiate between the two and start to notice a difference in your relationship with food.  The goal is to stop using food to solve or escape an emotional need. I tell my clients that if physical hunger is not the problem then food is not the solution. That is a question they ask themselves frequently to figure out if self-love is needed or fuel food is needed when they are hungry.

Assignment For You
During the week I would like you to play out this question in your mind when you feel hungry “I’m I physically hungry ? Are these the symptoms for physical hunger ? If yes then food is needed. If not, self-love is required 🙂

If you would like to learn more about this tool and others that I use to help smart women over the age of 40 lose weight permanently, I would love to chat with you. Please click here to schedule a FREE mini session with me.


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