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3 Steps to Lose Weight Permanently Over 40 (Part 3)

As a Certified Weight Loss Coach for smart and successful women over the age of 40, I am more interested in how you think, than what you eat so that we can uncover the fundamental source of weight gain.

The final step is the Food Journal. If you would like to see Step 1 click here and for Step 2 click here.

You might be thinking a food journal, how will that help me? Majority of my clients over the age of 40 that have lost weight permanently started with a food journal.

You are successful at what you do and are busy and might be thinking “I don’t  have time”.  I encourage you to make the time if this is important to you.  This brings all the other steps together. With the food journal you write down everything that goes into your mouth, which will allow you to evaluate if what you ate was because of physical hunger or not and also help to categorize your eating.

You have to see it on paper or electronically if you decide to use your phone what you are eating. It is quite revealing. This will help you.

When I first work with my clients they always tell me, “Well I don’t eat that much”. That doesn’t mean much to me. Some might say I have salads or I have fish for lunch, however they are completely unaware of the cupcakes they ate that were brought in for a colleagues birthday, the leftover food from your child that you ate because you didn’t want to throw away the food, the numerous taste tests you sampled while making dinner, etc. This all adds up.

Remember there is no judgment my job is to help you become more aware so that you can achieve your goal.  My clients sometimes say I know I’m supposed to eat healthy foods, smaller portions and exercise. I normally respond by saying knowing and doing are two different things.  You have to use what you know by doing or there will be no change.  My clients come to me for change.

If you would like to learn more about these tools, I would love to chat with you. Please click on this link to schedule a FREE mini session with me.


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