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4 Steps to Reduce Your Belly Fat

Belly Fat. Not just belly fat but visceral fat. The fat that accumulates around the abdomen. That is what I want to discuss today. For me it’s all about giving my audience – who are ladies – ways to help them become healthier. That’s my mission. I love sharing tips about how to live a healthier lifestyle and reducing your belly fat is one of them.


A friend of mine had an event and she had to purchase an outfit. She went to the store to go get the outfit, went in to the dressing room and selected a few set of clothes. Guess what? She was only a size 10 but because of her belly fat, she had to go up 2 sizes. She was miserable. She called me and she was really unhappy about it.

For us women especially those of us who are over 40, we want to look good. We have all these different occasions that typically require us to dress up and we want to look fabulous. So here are some steps to help reduce visceral fat. I would also like to point out that people who look slim can also have visceral fat. So if you notice that you’re accumulating most of your fat around the abdomen, then this is for you.

Step 1: Get Your Body Moving

Move your body. Get active. Do something. Aim for at least 30 minutes a day for a minimum of 3 days a week. You could hula-hoop, you could run, you could walk (needs to be brisk). You can play soccer with the kids. I do that. Do jump rope. Do something which can get your heart rate up in some way.

Step 2: Eat Fiber Rich Food

Eat fiber rich food like fruits, vegetables and legumes. Increasing your fiber intake to 10 grams a day will help. That could be equivalent to a cup of green beans, a sweet potato or two apples. Just increase that area of your intake and you will definitely see a difference.

Step 3: Avoid Sugar-Sweetened Drinks

Try to avoid sodas and juices. These are obvious ones but I have to tell you this – there are some foods that are marketed as healthy that contain a lot of sugar. So, it’s really important the you read the food labels because sometimes that can be deceptive. You think “Okay, it’s healthy” but then when you look at it, it’s like 30 grams of sugar. So be careful with that.

Step 4: Sleep 

Who would have thought? Sleep. I have to be honest, I am guilty of this. I don’t get enough sleep and I’m trying my best to be really more intentional about going to bed at a certain time because I work out early in the morning.

Research showed that people who slept between 6-7 hours of sleep accumulated less visceral fat than those who slept less than 5 or more than 8 hours. You sleep too much, you gain. You don’t sleep enough, you gain also. If you are in the middle, that 6-8 hours, golden!

So, there it goes! I hope this has helped you.

If you would like more information about ways to implement these tips or you really want to get to your ideal healthy weight or maintain it and needs some help, I would like to invite you for a chat. Email me at and schedule some time with me. I look forward to hearing from you.

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