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5 Health Tips From a Music Celebrity

I did speed work today. This is not a fun exercise for me. I do it to challenge myself and my competitive spirit  pushes me to do my best and some. Anyway it was a surprise to me to drive to meet my fellow fitcampers and notice the cold weather as I came out of my car, it was 43 degrees. Urgh! Cold weather is not my friend, I prefer the company of warm weather.  I ran and all I can say is I did the first 4 speed laps better than I expected and had to slow down on the last 2 speed laps.

I rushed home ate breakfast and then took my boys to school. After dropping them off I  realized that I was still hungry (the speed work wiped me out)  and decided to make a quick detour before heading to work.  I made a stop at a restauarant and ordered an oatmeal pancake with peaches. While waiting for my togo order I noticed the guy standing next to me was someone in the music industry. Truth be told not only is he in the music industry I also suspected he lived a super healthy lifestyle.

Well with my online interview show Vibrant Lifestyle Cafe launching soon I thought might as well ask him a few questions off-camera (sorry folks name withheld) of course about what he does to stay healthy. Below are his Top 5 tips. No surprises but great reminders for us.

Top 5 Tips

1) Eat small meals every few hours. He recommended eating enough where you are not feeling full but feeling somewhat light.

2) Drink lots  and lots of H2O. Drink lots of water and more when you exercise.

3) Mix up the food groups. Eat some protein, carbs, fruits and vegetables with all meals where possible.

4) Exercise regularly even it if it’s for short periods of time. In his case he walks alot. Read my blog posting on Walking Your Way to Fitness. Consistency is important.

5) This is the most important one, he said. Sleep most people ignore it. Yes sleep!! He said sleep helps in so many ways and he mentioned that sleep has the power to transform your look in a phenomenal way if you get enough, not so much when sleep is lacking.  We all know how we look when our bodies are need sleep.

I’m sure some of you are doing some of these tips regularly. If you are tell me which ones ? If you are not doing any of them which two could you incorporate into your schedule by this week ? I look forward to hearing from you.




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