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5 Tips to Get a Good Night Sleep in Your 40’s and Over


What do Usain Bolt, Roger Federer, and LeBron James have in common? Yes, they are Super Athletes in their respective sporting activities but what else? The answer is they sleep an average of 10-12 hours per night. Yes, a whopping 10-12 hours!

Sleep is a key part of a healthy lifestyle and if I have to be honest, sleep has not always been a priority for me. I used to brag about how much little sleep I would get and still be able to function properly. However, once I entered Midlife I knew better and my body told me very loudly that it needed sleep. Not just any old sleep but uninterrupted sleep.

Truth be told I really wasn’t as productive as I could have been all those years when I skipped sleep. Sleep is one of those things you don’t notice until it gets better. I thought I was getting good sleep until most recently when I started to get a much better quality of sleep and noticed the difference. I said to myself,  “This is what restful sleep looks like!”

Uninterrupted sleep and waking up naturally is what makes up pure restful sleep. Restful sleep is like gold. I’m sure most females in Midlife would agree.

8 in 10 Americans admit they would feel better if they had just one extra hour of sleep according to a survey by the Better Sleep Council.  With the pressures from work, family life and health issues, good quality sleep have become a commodity in high demand that very few get to experience.

As a Midlifer I would like to share with you what has helped me achieve restful sleep within the last few months.

These are a few of my recommendations for a restful sleep.

♥ Watch what you’re eating and drinking. Create a journal of what you’re eating to notice how it affects your sleep. Don’t hit the sack ravenously hungry or overstuffed. Limit caffeine and alcohol to further guard against sleep interruptions.

P.S. I gave up alcohol 2 years ago after I noticed that my menopausal symptoms were more severe when I had an adult beverage.

♥ Set a sleep schedule. We’re naturally creatures of habit, whether we know it or not. When you’re consistent in the time you go to bed and get up each day, you’ll enjoy better sleep.

♥ Create a ritual. Give your body cues that it is time to settle down. You might do this by taking a hot shower, spending a few minutes in meditation, or doing some gentle stretching. Engaging in a relaxing activity will make it easier to fall asleep. 10 minutes of meditation and 5 minutes of abdominal breathing has worked wonders for my nightly ritual. I also use essential oils like lavender at night. Lavender contains relaxing properties and can be diffused to create a calming and peaceful environment conducive to sleep.

♥ Get comfortable. Most people sleep best in rooms that are cool, dark and quiet. You might find it helpful to invest in heavy curtains to block exterior light and a fan or other device to drown out noises from outside. I love the warm weather but recently have noticed that sleeping with the air conditioner at a low temperature works wonders for my sleep. I sleep peacefully throughout the night. That’s probably why hotel rooms are always rather cold.

♥ Limit screen time before bedtime. Turn off electronic gadgets at least an hour and a half before bedtime. Research has shown that exposure to artificial light from screens, lowers the level of melatonin significantly, melatonin is the hormone that regulates our sleep and waking patterns.

I just started a non-negotiable sleep time ritual for myself where I go to bed at a certain time. It is going really well and I wake up refreshed in the morning, I realize now that even though I was staying up late, I was not very productive because I was tired.

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You need it. You deserve it. You are worth it.



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