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7 Tips To Consider When Choosing a Gym


While you don’t necessarily need to join a gym to meet your fitness goals, an athletic center membership does have its benefits. Some people find paying a monthly fee gives them the motivation they need to stop skipping workouts. Others feel the range of equipment and classes available at most gyms keeps them engaged in their fitness program. Whatever your reasons for joining, here are seven things to look for before you make a commitment.


1. Look at the cost. Exercising should make you happy, but that’s going to be impossible if you’re worrying about your budget every time you set foot in the gym. Look for an athletic center with the features that are important to you at a price you can comfortably afford.


2. Look at the commitment. No one can know exactly what their life will be like six months from now let alone in one to three years. Your fitness goals are likely to change as you progress so look for a gym that offers a month-by-month or short-term membership.


3. Look at the members. If you fear you’ll find yourself intimidated working out in a mixed gender gym, look for one that caters specifically to female members. If you’re a senior, look for an establishment that understands your needs and offers specialized programs for its senior members.


4. Look at the location. Are you going to drive across town just to exercise? The answer is probably no. Look for a gym near where you live or work. The more convenient it is to get to, the more likely it is you’ll stick to your workouts.


5. Look at the hours. Do you need to drop in for a workout before you go to the office? Is your favorite time to exercise late at night? Look for a gym that will be open when you actually want and need to use it.


6. Look at the cleanliness. Exercise may be a sweaty endeavor, but that doesn’t mean you have to work out in filth. Look for a gym with spotless bathrooms, showers and changing rooms as well as plenty of disinfectant spray bottles and towels (and members who actually use them).


7. Look for a free trial. What’s the only foolproof way to determine whether a particular gym is the right one for you? Try it out for a week or two. Look for an athletic center that offers a free trial period so you can get a feel for the facility, equipment, classes and staff before you commit to a membership.






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