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What my 8-year old son taught me about imperfect action

I attended Easter service and spent a major part of the rest of  my Sunday making puffles with my 8-year old son. What are puffles ? Google it later to find out. We (hubby, Weyimi and I) all helped Timeyin my 8-year old make puffles for a school project to raise money for the Ronald McDonald House. It was interesting to watch Timeyin in the role of Project Manager. “Don’t add that”,“Yes you can do that one”, “I’m not sure about this one” were the different statements he made amongst others during the project.



Puffles made by my 8-year old son


What I admired about him was his willingness to do it imperfectly. All the puffles looked great with their prints of imperfection. He didn’t care that they were not all perfectly rounded or some eyes were bigger than others or some mouths were crooked. I’m glad he didn’t let those reasons stop him. I’m also happy that I was able to view the beautiful puffles he created. He was extremely proud of his work when it was completed. He spent about 3 hours non-stop working on the puffles and he got rather creative as you can see from the pictures. This made me think of how often we (adults) are reluctant to put anything out there that is not absolutely perfect. We all do it from time to time. 


However we fail to realize that imperfect action is many steps ahead of inaction and a journey towards some resemblance of perfection.


When you decide not to put your genius work out into the world you are doing a disservice to yourself and preventing others from basking in your brilliance or benefiting from the awesome and unique gift  that only you can offer. I looked with pride and a big smile on my face at the puffles my son had created in his own unique way and realized in that moment, that no one else could have created the puffles in the unique way that he did.






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