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Don’t Start a Detox or Cleanse Without Reading This

You’re probably familiar with spring cleaning. Many of us spend a weekend each spring de-cluttering after the long winter, washing windows, shampooing carpets, and generally preparing our homes for the glorious summer ahead. But have you ever considered a spring cleaning for your body?


Often referred to as a detox diet or cleanse, it provides your system with a break from your normal food consumption and offers a number of benefits in the process. Over at WebMD, Linda Page, ND, PhD and naturopathic doctor, says, “It’s a way to recharge, rejuvenate and renew. Anybody can benefit from a cleansing. It’s a way you can jump-start your body for a more active life, a healthier life.

A detox or cleanse provides a lot of great benefits and I can say with a big smile and grateful heart that all my clients that have followed the steps have experience great results even those that did not follow it fully. However it is important to note that the Simply Vibrant detox is not for everyone.


  1. You are looking for a quick-fix for weight loss. You might lose weight as some of my clients have experienced however this is not our main goal. The objective is to become healthy and vibrant.
  2. You are unable to make a commitment for 21 days. The Simply Vibrant Detox Program has 3 phases (PreTox, Detox and ReTox).
  3. You are unwilling to make the effort to create the delicious meals in the “Health Starts In Your Kitchen” manual. Gourmet chef skills not required but some time (not too much) will have to be spent in the kitchen


  1. Your doctor has told you that changes NEED to be made to your diet
  2. You are feeling fatigued, rundown and bloated and know there is a better way for your body to feel.
  3. You had enjoyed a little overeating (maybe a little more than a little) over the holidays and you would like to get your body in a healthier state
  4. You have been experiencing serious cravings around caffeine, sugar, salt and gluten and would like to work on overcoming the cravings in a gentle way.
  5. You are looking for a way to get healthy without feeling deprived. (No deprivation on this plan, we don’t believe in deprivation to get healthy)

The choice is yours. Will you be making a choice to invest in your health?

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To Your vibrant health.


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