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Are You Hiding Your Unique Skills to Fit In? Part 2.

Todays video blog is in continuation of the Hiding series. If you would like to view the first one, please click here to view the first video titled Are You Hiding? Part 1 under my Healthstyle Blog.

I spent this weekend attending a family members wedding and I wore this outfit. A Nigerian outfit. It got me thinking about how we are all unique in different ways and that should be celebrated. However in some cases we downplay or hide our uniqueness to fit in.

We want people to like us, and one of the safest ways to do that is to fit in even if it means hiding what makes us unique if we can.

Hiding stems from different things. Maybe someone had made a comment about your features, the way you speak, the way you laugh or even the type of music you love to listen to.

In a NY Times article titled “Guess who doesn’t fit in at work?”, the question was asked “Don’t similar people work better together?” and research showed that for jobs involving complex decisions and creativity, more diverse teams less outperform diverse ones. The finding revealed that too much similarity can lead to teams that are overconfident, ignore vital information and make poor (or even unethical) decisions.

Unfortunately trying to fit in does not guarantee a better outcome but gives you permission to play small in an unauthentic way.

Sometimes you hide so much that you become invisible so much so that you no longer recognize the true YOU. Being invisible eventually becomes comfortable because that means you won’t get noticed.

The truth is hiding does not allow you to live life to the fullest. You are alive but not experiencing life. You know something is not quite right but over time you become content and comfortable.

Don’t let your unique look, skills, abilities prevent you from achieving your heart’s desire.

Treasure the things about you that make you unique.

You are smart, you are gorgeous, you are talented and a blessing to this world. You were meant to shine and not hide. Step out from the shadows. And as you shine you motivate others attracted to your unique style to do the same.

You are an amazing and unique woman! It’s time for you to appreciate who you are and own it without apologies.


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