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Are you trying to blend in to fit in?


We want people to like us, and one of the safest ways to do that is to blend in, to be like them. Unfortunately blending in does not guarantee anything but give you permission to play small in an unauthentic way.

Can you blend in when you are the tallest girl in your 5th Grade class even if you tried?

Can you blend in when you are an 11-year old boy and have no interest in sports and everyone in your class is playing a minimum of 2 sporting activities competitively?

Can you blend in when you are an African-American girl with beautifully braided brown hair and everyone else in your class has long blonde hair?

Can you? For children it is difficult for them to blend in, even when they really want to. The reasons they want to blend in range from fitting in to being invisible. Fitting in because they want to be liked, and being invisible because that means they won’t get noticed and that feels sooooo much better.

Fast forward to adulthood. Are you still trying to blend in to fit in? Unfortunately some carry that thought into adulthood even though you don’t have to,  you have the freedom to embrace your unique self.

“Oh no!, I  would really like to apply for that job, but I won’t because the salary is double what I earn currently” I say “Why not?”.

“I would like to speak at that international conference but I’m not going to apply for the speaker position because the other speakers have been in business longer than I have.”  I say “Why not?”.

“I want to start my own business, but worry there are so many health coaches/lifestyle coaches out there?” (This was my own limiting thought for years). I said and say  “Why not?”.

Blending in does not allow you to live life to the fullest. You are living but fall short. You are alive but not experiencing life. You try not to color outside the lines or even step outside the lines.

The truth is deep down you want more for yourself.

Blending in works when you are mixing colors but not for us humans.

We are uniquely created with awesomely rich and creative talents, that need to be  put out into the world for all of us to benefit and enjoy. You are smart,  gorgeous and talented in a unique way. Go ahead and respond to that deep desire burning inside you that you have suppressed over the years, but without fail bubbles up to the surface from time to time. Whatever you desire, fuel it, nurture it and grow it. Surround yourself with other like-minded individuals that encourage you, motivate you and are genuinely excited about hearing about your dreams and desires.

What are your dreams and desires for 2015? I want you to dream about what you want for yourself? Do you feel the excitement within you when you think about your goals for 2015? I know there are certain ones that make you smile with delight more than others. Those are the goals I want you to strive for in 2015. I am sure those are the ones that can’t wait to be birthed to life.

Some of you might have health goals and are imagining  shopping for outfits to clothe your gorgeously healthy body and the thought of that makes you smile to no end. Can you achieve this in 2015?  Absolutely! Do you need help achieving it? Maybe. Some of you are rocking it on your own, while others prefer highly-focused collaborations to achieve their goal.

If you are the collaborative type and have a health goal you want to achieve in 2015, the program, A healthier you in 28 days will help you achieve that goal. This is a program I created for women who have a demanding schedule and want to stat now to work on their 2015 health goals. If you are interested in finding out more about the program, please email me at




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