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A Blog Post From 6 Years Ago Revisited

I get a lot of emails from women asking for help on how to lose weight, live a healthy lifestyle, how to incorporate it into their hectic schedule etc. I always make this clear. If you want to get to your target weight overnight I am not the person for you.

I firmly believe in taking small steps towards becoming healthy and over time it becomes a lifestyle. Something that becomes part of what you do without thinking too much and if you have a family it is incorporated into your family life.

6 years ago I wrote this blog post and I came across it and wanted to share it with you. I have not edited it in any way as I would like you to read it in the same way it was written in  February 2009.

You get a few women together and give them a few minutes and the conversation will drift towards health, weight loss, diet plan, healthy meals, meal preparation etc. As an older mum (will be 41 in March) with 2 young boys and my health as a top priority I have found ways to incorporate a healthy lifestyle into my daily schedule.

It is so important that we do not forget ourselves when we are taking care of baby and maybe hubby ( I like to think that I have 3 men I take care of in my household 2 sons and my hubby ). We still need to look good. I use Arbonne facial products (I am not a consultant) and I have to say it works well for me. Actually it works extraordinarily well for me. I like to use natural products. I like to use a base primer that prevents oily patches (I have oily skin) then I add lipgloss, I just love lip gloss (Kiehl’s) with MAC’s lipliner, I am not a big fan of lipstick, eyeliner I have to use and I am good to go. For just a hint of drama I will add eyeshadow also by MAC.

I have made it easier on myself because time is one thing I do not have and most mums with young children will probably agree with me on this that once you have children gone are the long luxurious baths, lengthy makeup routines, sleeping in etc. Don’t get me wrong I am not saying forgo all these altogether – you are just probably going to narrow it down to perhaps once a month. Showers instead of baths, eye pencil and lip gloss, sleeping in let us just go ahead and give that one up. Maybe when the kids are teenagers we can relive that luxury

H20 does not discriminate it is a great thing for your skin, black, Caucasian or Asian. I can’t emphasize enough the miracles of water on the skin. Ladies increase your water intake and you will see the difference and if you don’t I can bet you others will. I used to go to the gym…don’t have that luxury on my schedule so I workout at home using a Pilates DVD it saves me time and a gym membership fee. I work out early in the morning between 5 and 6 am (I am a morning person….Yikes! some of you might say) and it prepares me for the day. I always feel so energized when I work out in the morning. There is just an extra bounce in my step. Ladies working out helps you in other areas…hint! hint!

In my late teens I worked out a lot and I was very careful about what I ate. People thought I was crazy because they did not understand why I was working out as I was a size 2, however being slim does not mean you are healthy. Society has made us think that being slim is the goal, it is important to exercise no matter your size. It is also important to know your true size. For the` women out there that do not have kids yet and are planning to have kids, plugging yourself into a routine before you get pregnant prepares you for the MAJOR physical changes ahead. I know genes play a role too (Thanks mum) but I also know that you have to work hard as well.

Eating healthy is a must. It really makes a difference and most importantly we are showing a great example to our children. They won’t eat healthy if we don’t. I have been a semi-vegetarian (no chicken or beef) for the past 20 years. During pregnancy I ate beef to help out with my low iron count. I prepare chicken and beef for the men in my household but on a very limited scale. A healthy diet and exercise are what will help you lose weight if that is your goal. If you do one without the other you are fighting a losing battle.

Ladies, I challenge you to make your health a priority in 2009. We deserve to enjoy the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and look fabulous regardless of our age.

This blog post created in 2009 makes me realize more than ever that this is a journey. I am going to be 47 next month and firmly believe that a healthy diet combined with exercise are the healthy habits that need to be cultivated to guarantee a healthy lifestyle for you and your family.

Update to Blog post: I no longer do Pilates at home but workout with a Fitness Instructor and my fitcamp buddies at 5:15am in the morning. I have changed my makeup brand, as I got older I noticed my skin becoming overly sensitive, and I conducted an extensive search for a makeup line that would work for me. I found what I needed in CoverFx. I continue to drink lots of water and I’m still a pescatarian (no meat or chicken) and look for creative ways to cook chicken and beef for my men.

What do you do consistently that helps you to achieve your goal of a healthy lifestyle? Share your experience and what has worked in the comments below. In my case over the years I have tried not to change my diet drastically and do my best to eat 3 small meals and 2 snacks per day. I look forward to reading your comments.


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