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Five Common Things We Need to Stop Telling Our Children

Good habits start young and as parents and guardians, it is our responsibility to teach our kids good eating habits and to have a good relationship with food. Not only will it make them healthy, fit and happy adults, but also more informed and aware of how food fuels their body.

For many adults, knowing when they’re hungry or full is a challenge so they end up eating even when they’re actually already full. And we all know what happens when overeating becomes a habit. Nothing healthy comes out of it. Sadly, overeating is a pattern that some (if not most) people acquired from childhood which shouldn’t be the case at all because kids are naturally in tune with their hunger signals. They know exactly when they are full and when they still need to eat more. However, many parents subtly teach kids to overeat.

No, we definitely don’t teach our children to ignore their innate and natural awareness of hunger and fullness, at least NOT intentionally. However, in our wish to make our children eat more (more vegetables, more fish, more fruits, just “more” of anything we think is good for them) and finish the meals quickly (because we need to clean up the table and kitchen), we unwittingly make them disregard their own hunger signals. We inadvertently pressure them to eat more than what they need or even want. Eventually, this leads kids to learn to ignore their internal cues of hunger and fullness which most of the time results in disordered eating and abnormal eating behavior. They go from pleasing the parents to overeating.

So, as parents, what should we do? Or what should we NOT do and NOT say? Well, we can start by getting to know the Five Common Things We Need to Stop Telling Our Children at the dining table. Play the video above and let’s dive deep into each of these.

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