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Four Ways Exercise Can Change Your Life

Have you been feeling a little blue? Do you lack the energy necessary to enjoy your day? Do you struggle to fall asleep at night? Do you dread visiting your doctor because of what she might say about your weight or overall health? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are not alone. Many women struggle with the same issues. Fortunately, regular exercise can go a long way towards eliminating these and other common problems—it can even change your life.


1. It can change your life by reducing stress.  Stress comes at each of us from a multitude of directions: work, family, money and health among them. While some of these stressors disrupt our lives more than others do, they all have a negative effect on our physical and mental health—unless we take control. One of the simplest ways to do so is through exercise. Daily physical activity—from a brisk run in the morning to a long walk after dinner—will help you release tension and balance your emotions, reducing anxiety and stress.


2. It can change your life by making you more productive. Many Americans spend a large part of their day sitting in front of a desk—and much of their evening sitting on the couch in front of the TV. Physical and mental sluggishness is often the result. However, studies have shown that exercise enlivens the brain. In fact, it’s easier for us to learn and retain information after we’ve elevated our heart rate. This means exercise—even in the form of several 10-minute sessions throughout your workday—will help you focus and get more done.


3. It can change your life by attracting positive people. We all complain from time to time—and sometimes our friends need a comforting shoulder upon which to cry. But have you ever noticed that you feel better about your own life after socializing with people who are confident and happy in their own? Exercise—from boot camp to yoga class—can help you meet more of those people. And as their positivity rubs off on you, it’s possible you’ll also inspire meaningful change in others.


4. It can change your life by making you feel happier. If you are like most women, losing 10 pounds, getting a promotion at work or falling in love will probably make you feel happy. But big events such as these don’t happen every day. Fortunately, exercise—from walking the dog to playing Frisbee in the park—will cause your brain to release the same mood-elevating endorphins. Engage in physical activity regularly and you’ll experience fewer “bad moods” and more really good ones.

Let’s get out there and exercise.




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