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Your Health begins in Your Kitchen

I truly love coaching my clients on losing weight and healthy eating. Truth be told alot of my clients have a handle on exercise and have settled into a routine, however  most are fighting a losing battle on the nutrition side. Nutrition is key and starts in the kitchen. Cooking your own food, give you the opportunity to  know exactly what your are eating and a good way to reduce the amount of processed foods you eat.  My group Detox session is in the post-detox phase, and alot of my clients are re-introducing some of the foods that were not allowed during the detox. One of my clients had this to say,

“I had a stomach ache for the first two days coming off the detox, that would be after eating more processed foods. Plus, with some caffeine, I went back to not sleeping quite so well as during the detox. Some lessons to be learned, for sure “

With that said, it is not sustainable to be in detox mode all the time (quite frankly I don’t want to be in detox mode all the time), however the detox creates awareness about the relationship YOUR body has with food. The one advise I give to all my clients is to practice eating smaller meals frequently.

This is one of the ways to help you lose weight and put you on the path to a healthy lifestyle. Eating healthy smaller meals frequently throughout the day can help control your appetite, raise your metabolism and reduce your chances of overeating. It is crucial that you plan your meals ahead of time. With the holidays approaching this is a good habit to cultivate. I normally eat at the following times:-

7am (breakfast), 10am (snack), 1pm (lunch), 3pm (snack) and 6.30pm (dinner)

These times might not work for your schedule, find times that works for you and make the effort to eat every 3 -4 hours. You should maintain a balanced diet. Each meal should be made up of lean proteins, whole grains and healthy fats while snacks should consist of mainly fruits and vegetables.

For the next few days, set the intention to eat 5-6 times per day. Let me know how it goes.

This was my breakfast this morning.


Egg whites, topped with Bok Choy, sliced avocado and sprouted tortilla triangles.

Have a Happy and Healthy Day



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