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Keep Your Eye On The Donut Not The Hole

While focusing on your goals it is so easy to get distracted by issues that can derail you from achieving your goal. Look at the donut that I have so lovingly placed on the blog cover. A donut has a hole. However if you focus on the hole you lose sight of the donut that is covered in multi colored sprinkles and is beckoning to be eaten. The same happens when you have goals that you want to achieve and intially you are excited. All of a sudden you have a nagging thought that tells you that you can’t do it (negative thinking), you might start to compare yourself with others or everyday interruptions in the form of (family, friends, work etc).

Before long you have given enough energy to the negative thoughts, comparison games, life, etc and no longer even entertain or even remember that you had a goal to achieve. You lose sight of your goal and begin to believe that you can no longer achieve it. That is so far from the truth. You can achieve it.

You created the goal because you knew it was achievable. However as soon as you come across a little resistance you give up. You don’t give up because you want to give up on your goals. You gave up because the donut hole is easier issue to focus on. Much like losing weight or becoming healthier.

You can lose weight or become healthier and you should lose weight and get healthier if that is a goal you want to achieve. You know you can do it,  yet you give up when it gets a little hard because sometimes giving up can seem like an easier option. However in the long run it isn’t what you really want for yourself.

You have set a goal to lose weight once or twice (okay maybe a number of times), but it doesn’t have to be that way. I want to challenge you to set your goal of losing weight or become healthier once and for all and set a realistic goal. Take incremental steps to achieve this. Incremental baby steps over time will get you to the first phase where your body adjusts to the new routine, then to the toddler stage where it begins to feel normal and finally to the child stage where it becomes second nature. It is important to remember while on the journey that you might slip but that is no reason to give up. Children slip up and we do what we do to support them no matter the number of times they slip.

Please treat your body in the same way. Your body deserves the same treatment. You slip, you get up and lovingly tell yourself you will continue despite this setback. I always encourage my clients to cultivate an intimate relationship with their own selves and their body. If you love yourself now, you are going to love yourself when you are smaller and when you get healthier. If you don’t love yourself now, it is very unlikely to love yourself or body when you lose the weight or become healthier.

So tell me what is a realistic goal that you would like to set for yourself? I know you have one. We can all strive to be healthier.  Go ahead a set a goal. Set a goal that stretches you and is slightly uncomfortable. Let’s start today to start a movement where getting healthier is the goal. Becoming healthier is a win-win situation because the comparison syndrome is completely eliminated. Just start wherever you are.

I know you can do this. Focus on the donut not the hole.


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