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Today was one of those days… a day where I had a longing for Nigerian food and nothing else would do. The dinner menu in our household called for something else (yes I have a menu it makes it so much easier for me to plan with a menu) and the kids were looking forward to the jollof rice (rice with tomatoes), baked kale and beef strips. All I could think of was fufu (steel cut oatmeal version) and okra (okra, mushrooms, salmon and kale) soup. I decided to channel my chef diva skills into action and prepare two meals in less than 2 hours. The dinner on the menu and my dinner. The food preparation area aka Kwavi’s Kitchen, looked like an episode from Chopped on the food network, I take that back it looked more like Iron Chef with food everywhere, diced, sliced and chopped covering every space in the kitchen.

After about what seemed like forever. It ended up taking me 1 hour 25 minutes.  The meal was ready to be sampled by my family members (hubby and 2 sons). The kids liked it even before they tasted it as they proceeded to set the table and upon my husband and I’s arrival to the table they welcomed us by saying “Welcome to the BFE aka Best Food Ever Restaurant”. That put a big smile on my face, warmed my heart and made me realize that cooking a meal from scratch for my family was well worth it. Now the true test was sampling the food. I watched as hubs and the boys placed morsels of food in their mouths…anxiously I waited for the verdict. They all smiled as they ate and I knew then that, even though this was a rushed job,  I had passed the test in their eyes and that was all that mattered. My boys (especially my younger son) have discerning tastes and know quite a bit about food as we enjoy watching the different shows on the Food Network together and form our own panel of judges and critique the contestants.

While they were enjoying their food, my stomach was delightfully entertained by oatmeal fufu and okra soup. See below a picture of my meal.



To the ladies  and men out there who follow my blog from around the globe, please remember it’s not necessary to eat Western food in order to lose weight or maintain a healthy lifestyle. Eating smaller portions and tweaking your local recipe if necessary, can achieve the same results. Cooking from scratch with your local foods will appeal to your stomach any day over any frozen or packaged meal in a box that purports to help you lose weight.

Do you have some recipes to share ? Whether you live in the USA or not, I would love to hear from you. Please share your healthy recipes with us. For those of you in the USA or in Europe the weather is getting cold, however don’t let that stop you.. you still have to keep it moving.


Have a Happy and Healthy Day



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