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Losing Weight Is Not A Goal

You have to be specific and detailed. Just writing down losing weight is not going to help you achieve your goal without a detailed plan with action steps. I compare the goal of  “losing weight” to the goal of  “I want to make more money”.  You can’t make more money without a plan.

Do you plan to apply for a job with a higher salary?

If so what skill set is required for the job?

Are you planning to look for a job within or outside of your current organization?

Do you have to get some additional training or take some courses?

Do you plan to start your own business?

What type of business do you plan to start?

These are just a few of the questions that you have to ask yourself so that you can achieve your goal of making more money.

Apple is a company I admire. They have perfected the art of making us “desire” and not just “want” their products. I’m sure when they have meetings to discuss their goals, they don’t just say,  “Apple needs to make more money”.  They have very detailed steps to achieve their goals which might look like this – Increase revenue by 20% in the next quarter. It is detailed and it prompts one to take action.

If losing weight is your goal, get specific. For instance you can write I want to lose 30 lbs this year.

I am going to workout 3 times a week by doing ……. (choose an activity)

I will reduce my portion sizes and eat more vegetables

I will stop drinking fizzy drinks like coca-cola.

This is an example of how to write and goal with action steps. Now it’s your turn.

Go ahead and try it. If you still need help with trying to lose weight and adopt a healthy lifestyle please email me at

To your vibrant health!



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