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Makeup Tips for Women Over 40

“Makeup is not a tool meant to make ugly things beautiful.
It is meant only to magnify the beauty that already exists.”
– Anonymous

When we hit our 40’s, our body changes and so does our skin. We may realize that the makeup we adored for years no longer works for us as it used to and the beauty regimen we’re so familiar with is not giving us that radiant glow. Our makeup, shades and all, need to change as we mature and it may be time to bid goodbye to old colors and hues and say hello to something new.

Today’s episode of Kwavi TV is all about makeup for women in their 40’s and beyond. Join us as Emmy Award-winning makeup artist Nyssa Green shows us how to look fabulous (and rule the world!) using only three (3) incredibly easy makeup tips. 🙂 Watch the video and learn the tricks, now!

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