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Mirror, Mirror on the wall, Who am I looking at ? I can’t recall.

When you look in the mirror, what do you see? Eyes that sparkle with intelligence or thighs that jiggle like bowls of Jell-O? A smile that can light up a room or a stomach that refuses to be flat? If you notice the “bad” before the good, you’re not alone. Scientists refer to chronic body dissatisfaction as normative discontent. The condition stems from a tendency to view our own bodies irrationally. We’re our own biggest critics when we should be our own biggest fans.

Take a few moments to give your current body the respect it deserves. You’re likely to find more to appreciate than you may realize. If you’re not sure how to go about loving the body you have right now, give these tips a try.
 If you wouldn’t say it to a friend, don’t say it to yourself. Each time you criticize your body, you damage your self-esteem. Stop telling yourself you look fat. Stop telling yourself you’re unattractive. Stop telling yourself you’re lazy. Would you say these things to a friend? Seriously would you ? Build yourself up instead of tearing yourself down.

Put down the magazines. According to Prevention, a University of Toronto study found that flipping through magazines featuring skinny models can reduce the self-esteem of the women viewing the advertisements. Instead of fixating on the physique of these unnaturally thin women, remind yourself that achieving a healthy weight is better and is achievable.

Focus on how you feel, not how you think you look.  healthy eating and regular exercise are a great combination to improve your health for the better. With exercise great way to improve how you look and feel. During and after each workout, focus on how your body feels. Take pride in your gracefulness. Find satisfaction in your strength. Revel in your body’s capacities.

Don’t put off doing what you love. Stop allowing perceived flaws to keep you from having fun or achieving your goals. Life is too short to wait until your body is “perfect” before you learn to dance, go skydiving, spend time on the beach or go back to school.

We hope these tips help you love the body you have right now, regardless of what the scale tells you each morning. You’re beautiful and you deserve only the best –especially from yourself.

Have a healthy and beautiful day.


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