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New Nutrition Labels: What’s Different?

Like the First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama I am passionate about encouraging others to live a healthy lifestyle.

On May 20th, 2016 the First Lady joined the Secretary of Health and Human Services (Kathleen Sebelius) and the FDA Commissoner (Margaret Hamburg) to unveil an update to nutrition labels within the United States.

The new nutrition labels will help parents and families to make informed choices on the food they purchase and consume. It’s been 20 years since revisions have been made to the nutrition labels. The change is expected to go into effect over time, with the earliest time being two years and at the very latest within 3 years for all food companies. Food Manufacturers importing to the United States will also be expected to follow the new guidelines.

I encourage and suggest to my clients to read food labels as a way to help them understand and make healthier food choices and have also shown my young boys (13 & 10) how to read food labels.

Highlights of the new Nutrition Labels


  1. Bold and bigger lettering for calories, servings per container and serving size.
  2. The amount of “added sugars” will be listed on all food products
  3. Total calories and nutrition information information for one serving and the total package.
  4. Serving sizes will reflect the amount people eat and not what they are supposed to eat.
  5. Vitamin D and Potassium will be added while vitamins A and C will be eliminated.

It will be 2 years before this goes in to effect but a step in the right direction. This provides a simpler way to read and understand nutrition labels and help us make informed choices about the types of food to provide for ourselves and our loved ones.


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