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One Tip Every Woman Over 40 Needs to Know to Lose Weight Permanently

I hosted a lunch workshop with 12 fabulous women. I shared with them the various tools I use with my clients, smart, ambitious women in their 40’s and over to lose weight permanently. Amongst all the tools that I shared was the scale and it generated the most amount of emotion.

I had suggested to them to weigh themselves daily, not in an obsessive way but in a way to get to know themselves. A way to cultivate a relationship with their bodies that is positive.

The number is what makes them feel a certain way. Sometimes happy, sometimes sad. I encouraged them to look at the number and use it to help them make a decision moving forward.

If it is a number they are happy with, then they continue with what they are doing. However if it is a number they are unhappy with I suggested that they look at what they are doing and make changes to what they are eating or how they are moving their body. It doesn’t mean they are bad. The scale does not have the ability to judge.

The number helps to reveal your relationship with yourself, your body, and your mind. My goal with all my clients is to help them cultivate a positive relationship with their bodies.

Don’t try to get as naked as possible before you step on the scale.

Learn to stand on the scale and be interested in the number as just a number and begin a relationship with yourself and your truth in a comfortable way.

I suggest you weigh yourself daily.

Challenge for you: Practice weighing yourself everyday for 30 days and watch your relationship with your body change and your weight too!

Let’s rock our 40’s and beyond in a healthy way. Here’s to losing weight permanently!



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