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The Power of Accountability

Have you ever tried to lose weight, start a new fitness program, or adopt another healthy habit (such as getting better sleep, flossing daily or making healthier meals) only to fail? If you’ve found your way to my blog, I’d guess the answer is yes. We’ve all been there and done that—setting a goal, getting excited about it, putting it off, and then abandoning it completely. Much of the reason is a lack of accountability.


According to, accountability means “The state of being accountable, liable or answerable.” In our case, this means doing what we know we need to do to reach our health and fitness goals—and taking responsibility for the results of not doing it if we fail to do so. It’s all too easy to make excuses for why we didn’t go to the gym (“I was too tired”), cook a healthy meal (“I didn’t have time”) or go to bed at a reasonable hour (“I needed to unwind”) than to acknowledge that we made a choice that went against our goals. We made a choice to let ourselves down.


For most of us, it’s easier to break a promise to ourselves than to disappoint someone else. This is why scheduling runs with a friend, joining a weight loss group or making a nutrition pact with your spouse can be so valuable when trying to make healthy life changes. Instead of being solely accountable to yourself, you find yourself accountable to others. You don’t want to disappoint them so you go for that run, count those calories, and order the salad instead of the bacon cheeseburger. You take that next step towards achieving your goal.


If you’ve struggled with personal accountability in the past, joining a group—such as the Simply Vibrant Detox program (the Pre-Holiday version) starting here on Monday November 3rd—may be all you need. Not only will we motivate and support each other in the pursuit of our goals, but we’ll also hold each other accountable for our progress, the steps we take, and the choices we make. I expect it to be a very inspiring experience for all, whether your goal is to lose a few pounds before the holidays, maintain your previous weight loss, start a fitness program, train for a race, or make any other type of healthy change in your life. I really hope you’ll join me on the Simply Vibrant Detox Program.

Make this holiday season different and make your health a priority.




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