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The Power of Support – Digging Deep

My 11-year-old son wanted to improve his speed on the soccer field, and wanted me to coach him. I agreed, as it involved me timing him and not really running. We had scheduled it for Fridays after school which worked perfectly. Last Friday, October 3rd, was the second week of speed work. I used a scaled-down version of the speed work my fitness trainer uses with our fitcamp group.

The first lap I allowed him to run at a comfortable speed and make adjustments on his own along the way. I noticed that he was starting our really fast and getting tired towards the end. The lap involved a fast-slow-fast-slow combination. After about three attempts his time decreased a little bit. I did. however. notice that he was using the same method of going out too fast and slowing down his pace substantially towards the end.

I suggested to him to conserve his energy and go out on a comfortable pace and increase his speed on the last fast-slow combination of the lap. He said he wasn’t sure. I told him just dig deep and do it. The first time he did it he noticed a decrease in his time. Once he realized this worked, he did it a few more times and on the very last lap he was able to decrease his time from his first lap by 28 seconds. He was proud of himself, albeit surprised of his achievement. As a mother I was proud of him not because of the time, but because he realized that he was able to do so much more than he gave himself credit for and to me that was a lesson in itself.

Fast forward to Saturday morning at 5am, I join my running group to run 20 miles as part of my marathon training. I knew I had to run 20 miles but for some reason I was not feeling my normal empowered, “I got this kind of feeling”. However I knew I had to find a way to run the 20 miles.


At mile 14, I felt really tired and wanted to give up. I really did. My running buddies kept encouraging me. I started to lag behind but they would always look back to make sure that I was close by. I then remembered the speed work with my son and how I kept telling him to dig deep. This was my time to dig deep for him. In my head I could hear him telling me to dig deep. Between my son’s voice in my head and my running buddies, I was able to complete my 20 mile long run on Saturday. I can honestly say without a doubt I was able to complete my long run on Saturday in 3 hours and 45 minutes because of the support I received.

When you create a goal for yourself the excitement is there and you are ready to go all out. However, there will be times where life gets in the way, excitement wanes and you want to give up. You want to give up because at the point giving up is so much easier. Support from a coach or a group can provide just what you need to keep on going to achieve your goal. Support can come in the form of a glance, an email, a text, a phone call etc.

With the holidays fast approaching, your goal to lose weight or live a healthy lifestyle can sometimes be placed on the back burner due to lack of support. Why should you give up on your goal ? The holidays are here to stay and what better time to get outside support so that you can achieve your goal and avoid all the anxiety and fatigue that can sometimes creep up on you during the season. I am offering a special holiday 12-week group program that will provide you with support during the holidays. Your goal might be to wear a particular dress to an event, lose some weight, or just feel empowered and not overwhelmed during the holidays. This program will help you achieve your goal, the program begins in November and ends in January. I will be there to coach you every step of the way. You will also be surrounded by others who are doing their best to achieve a healthy lifestyle just like you. Are you ready to dig deep ? If you are and would like more details about the program send me an email at


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