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Are you sabotaging your weight loss goals?

When you first decide that you want to lose weight and adopt a healthy lifestyle, motivation is at an all-time high. You begin to imagine your new wardrobe, fewer aches and pains, increased energy level and a new look. When the numbers on the scale to shift downwards there is an empowered feeling and confidence that takes over you, it’s almost as if you are a new person.

However once the enthusiasm and excitement to lose weight wanes the numbers on the scale or the inches measured may remain the same or start to drop slowly. Depending on how much you need to you might notice just a gradual decrease compared to the big numbers initially. This is completely normal and in order for the numbers to continue to drop it is important to take a look at your daily habits to make sure you are not sabotaging your weight loss efforts.

Do you snack throughout the day? It is important to know what you are snacking on and when you are snacking. It doesn’t matter that you had only one bite of a cupcake or a a couple of bites of a brownie. I normally recommend to clients on my coaching program to keep an accurate account of everything that goes into their mouth throughout the day for at least 4 days. Reviewing the log will give you an insight into what you are eating and if there is any mindful eating going on. Mindful Eating prevents over-consumption and allows you to develop a healthy relationship with food. These calories add up over the course of a day and will certainly impact your healthy lifestyle goals.

Are you exercising? Exercise is an essential component of a healthy lifestyle. You can begin by walking 10 minutes per day for 3- 5 days and gradually increase the duration and intensity of your walking or workout if you really want to see weight loss results.

Are you “splurging” a lot on the weekend? During the week you are eating healthy food, drinking green smoothies, snacking on healthy items, don’t let your weekends become a free-for-all if you want to continue to lose weight. If you like cocktails beware of the high sugar and calorie content. The portion sizes at restaurant are often served in portion sizes meant for 2 or more. Split your meal in two as soon as it arrives and ask for a to-go box immediately. The longer the food is on your plate the more likely, you will be to eat all of it. Instead of binging on the weekend, enjoy a few indulgences during the week.

Are you underestimating how much you are eating? It’s unfortunately easy to do, especially if you’re eating out. At restaurants, choose from the simpler items on the menu and don’t hesitate to ask for smaller portions or substitute high-calorie sides for healthy steamed veggies. When you cook at home, utilize healthier cooking methods and watch your portion sizes as well.

Are you rewarding yourself with food? Congratulating yourself with a chocolate chip cookie sundae is not the best method to use if you want to drop excess pounds. For every pound you want to lose, you must create a deficit of 3500 calories. Reward yourself with non-food rewards instead, such as a massage or a new pair of shoes.

How are your efforts with losing weight going? I hope the tips listed are helpful and can assist you with achieving your weight loss goals. If you still need some additional help with planning meals or recipes, consider joining the Simply Vibrant Detox Program – The Pre-Holiday Version (PHD) that begins November 3. This program is designed to to begin just before the Thanksgiving Holiday to help you ward off weight gain and invite great health before the holidays begin. Visit for more information.

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