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Same Old Same Old

Sometimes the “same old same old” is a good thing.

Living a healthy lifestyle can be challenging, and no single approach is going to work for everyone. I understand that you’re only going to succeed if the plan you choose is one that sticks. For some people this means lots of variety — inspiring them to combine new ingredients into new recipes that pleases their palates and keep their diet interesting. But for others, it means keeping things simple — finding a few tried and true dishes that meet their dietary requirements and are easy to prepare.

Though the ‘same old same old’ approach is not for everyone, it’s not a bad method either. Particularly suited to those who are often short on time, eating the same basic meals every day eliminates most of the weighing, measuring and planning necessary on most eating plans. In fact, some research shows that a lot of people who maintain their new weight often eat comparable meals each day or repeat dishes throughout the week. The less complicated the meal the greater the chances you have of long-term success.

I’m not advocating that it be repetitive because that can can leave nutritional gaps. For those of you who want to keep your effort low while getting the nutrition you need, we offer these tips:

1. Add one new meal a week. Find a new clean meal-friendly dish that will fare well as leftovers. Create a big batch on the weekend and then eat it for lunch throughout the week. You’ll have the pleasure of variety with minimal effort.

2. Tweak your go-to meals. Swap out one or two ingredients for calorically similar but nutritionally different ones. For example, change the fruits and veggies in your morning smoothie or try different greens in your dinner salad. You’ll benefit from nutritional variety without a need to deviate too far from your routine.

3. Take a multivitamin. A supplement will help to fill in the gaps that a repetitive diet may leave—especially essential vitamins, minerals and micronutrients.

Do you cook big batches of food on the weekend or are you a cook a meal a day type person ? I personally like to cook a big batch of quinoa or brown rice on the weekend and place them into small glass containers and freeze or refrigerate them. I also chop up all my veggies over the weekend so that I can toss them into a meal quickly and bake them. I also cook my protein (fish or chicken) ahead of time. Evenings during the week are busy for me as I am on the go taking my boys to soccer practice or making sure they are doing their homework and have little or no time to create dinner from scratch.

I also have a menu which I have created with my boys that helps me to plan ahead. Do you have a plan to help you save time but still allow you to create healthy meals ? I would love to hear it. I and other members of the community are always looking for creative ways to save time and still provide a healthy meal for our families.




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