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Same routine but gaining weight in your 50s ?

Have you noticed that you are on the same routine but gaining weight?

Is the following happening to you?

  • Eating the same food you’ve always eaten and gaining weight
  • Exercise routine is still the same but your gaining not maintaining
  • Certain foods you used to love no longer agree with you
  • The weight gain is no longer all over but is perched right in the middle
  • You feel more bloated than normal
  • You feel that all you have to do is look at food and you gain weight? (Okay not literally but it feels that way)

If you feel this way, you’re not alone. Most of my clients that are 50 and over 50 have mentioned to me they are going through some or all of the above. I’m passionate about helping women 50 and over manage their health (especially their waistlines) so they can live their best midlife.

You can’t follow the same routine you followed in your 30s, 40s and most certainly not what you did in your 20s. Our bodies are changing and new rules apply.  In addition to helping my clients learn new skills to help them lose weight permanently, the magical stardust that makes my plan successful and different is the mind management (aka learn how to boss your brain for your benefit) piece that is included in my program. Without learning how your mind thinks and how you can overcome the self-sabotage game your brain loves to play you’ll lose the weight, however Regain (masquerading as your BFF) is waiting for you around the corner. Unfortunately most succumb to the wiles of Regain and their back to square one.

I know you are ready for a program that is simple (not easy) to follow, provides the necessary tools to balance your hormones and overcome the obstacles (you know they are coming) while sharing mind hacking skills that make you feel like a superhero (I’m not kidding)  to lose weight for good.

Ladies if you are ready click HERE let’s chat on a free consult call,  I’d love to learn more about what you want to achieve and I can share with you how I can help.

Midlife Women Rising!

I look forward to talking with you soon.


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