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Self Care Series: [Movement] Why You Should Never Choose An Exercise You Like

Before I tell you why you should not pick an exercise you like, I would like to find out why you exercise.

Do you exercise for any of the following reasons?

  • 1) To lose weight
  • 2) The way it makes you feel
  • 3) To give your body a gift

Most of us exercise because of what we can get out of it. Thus, more than likely you answered 1 or 2. Have you ever considered looking at exercise as a tool to connect with your body?

I want you to consider looking at exercise as a gift you are giving to your body with no expectation of anything in return. No expectation whatsoever.

By looking at it this way, you become the giver depositing drops of affection into your body. Exercise or movement should be viewed as an activity that provides added-value to your life. When viewed this way it doesn’t seem like work or some exhausting task that has to be checked off your to do list. Once you begin to exercise in this way, you begin to form a relationship between you and your body as movement becomes a precious gift to yourself that becomes non-negotiable.

Have you exercised really hard (legs aching, back pain, can’t walk, etc) but with nothing to show for it on the scale? You might have felt betrayed by your body if this ever happened to you. But if you view exercise in the way I have suggested, that feeling of betrayal ceases to exist. The relationship shifts to one where you are the giver and no longer the taker where you exercised because of what you got out of it. In the process an intimate relationship between you and your body is being cultivated. Eventually with what you give (continuous exercise and healthy eating habits) you will get to your healthy weight.


Embracing exercise as a gift to yourself shows that you care about your body. It  confirms in a powerful way that you are important and ultimately your body deserves this beautiful gift that only you can give regardless of what you get out of it.

When you exercise it is not important to find an exercise you like but one that you love, hence my reasoning for the blog title. If you like it you may not stick with it. If you love it there is a greater chance that you will. Look for an exercise routine that makes you feel good and is convenient for you. Not a popular exercise routine, not your friend’s exercise routine. Look for an exercise routine that you love. The goal is to be committed over time and if you don’t love it you will give up quickly. If you are not sure, try different types like running, walking, Zumba, weights, pilates, barre, etc.

It might be hard in the beginning and your body might be in so much pain and that will happen. Don’t give up. You body is reacting in this way because it has been neglected. Keep on going. Your body is sending you the message that it has been neglected and your job is to keep on loving your body by giving it the gift of movement. Eventually it will begin to feel good, then really good, then it will feel so wonderful that you do whatever it takes to continue exercising and that is where you want to get to – the point where you and your body crave exercise and that is when the relationship between you and your body becomes so intimate it becomes one.

Which exercise do you love? Which exercise routine would you be willing to give to your body and make non-negotiable? I would love to hear from you. Post your comments and answers below. My exercise loves are running and weight-training. I also love doing them in a group setting. Going solo does not appeal to me but will do it if I have to. I look forward to hearing from you.


Article originally posted on April 21, 2015

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