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Self-Care – Your Color Determines You Take Care of Yourself

It is a hectic day. It has been really busy for you this week. Actually, it has been like this for weeks now. Hmmmm…. maybe not. Maybe you’ve been busy for months and months already. Your to-do list is getting longer every day. You’ve crossed out a few but also keep adding more new stuff to the list. It’s never-ending. The only consolation you have is that you know you’re not the only one dealing with “busyness”. It’s the norm or is it?

You need to prepare for another important meeting, and later on, you need to pick up the kids from school then prepare dinner for everyone. You’ll probably hit the bed at about midnight after you wrap up the report you need to submit the following day. Your calendar is overloaded with tasks and events for family and work. It’s impossible to squeeze self-care into it anymore.

You’ve heard about self-care. You know that it’s important to fill your own cup so you can give more, love more, serve more and shine more brightly than ever. You just don’t have enough time to add that to your crazy, busy schedule. Now is a good time to learn how to incorporate daily self-care habits. Not tomorrow, not next week but right now. You know if you don’t start now it won’t get done.

Watch the video above and let’s talk about self-care. Let’s dive deep into this subject matter further and take time to understand what it really is all about and why putting it on the back burner can be one of the most unwise decisions you’ll ever make.

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You need it. You deserve it. You are worth it.

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