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Simple Holiday Travel Tips

Thanksgiving is a huge holiday for travel. The U.S. airline industry is expecting 12.3 million roundtrip passengers this season, and AAA has predicted that 46.3 million Americans will drive more than 50 miles from their homes to celebrate the holidays. What does this mean for you? Unless you’re hosting Thanksgiving at home, you can expect busy airports, packed planes and highway congestion—and the stress that accompanies these complications. Fortunately, there are things you can do to make your journey more pleasant. Consider the following tips:

Avoid getting hungry. Whether you’re flying across the country or driving to the next town over, going too long between meals can interfere with your ability to think straight, make your entire family irritable, and seriously detract from everyone’s enjoyment of the holiday. Fortunately, you can ward off meltdowns by packing snacks for your flight or road trip. Granola bars, trail mix, beef jerky, carrot sticks, bananas and clementines are excellent options, as they don’t require refrigeration.

Travel at off-peak times. The Wednesday before Thanksgiving is the biggest travel day of the year (and the Sunday after is a close second). If you’re driving to your destination, you can reduce the hassle of holiday traffic by leaving early Thanksgiving morning rather than the day before.  Thanksgiving Day flights also tend to be less crowded than those earlier in week are. Take a late night flight or hit the roads after bedtime to reduce the stress of your return trip as well.

Bring your own entertainment. When you’re traveling with children, you shouldn’t count on the in-flight movie to hold their interest. Load a few of their favorite videos on your tablet and install a game app or two on your mobile phone. Good old-fashioned coloring books and crayons are always fun, as are sticker books and simple card games such as Uno or Go Fish. These boredom-relieving suggestions are also great on road trips and during downtime once you reach your destination.

Don’t forget your chargers. Plug in electronic devices the night before your trip to ensure fully powered batteries. Double-check you’ve packed the correct charging cables for your journey before you walk out the door. To eliminate the chance of dead devices in the event of airline delays or highway traffic, bring a portable charger or power pack along as well.

Take a walk. Spending hours cooped up in a car or an airplane can leave you feeling stiff and sore. Take short breaks to stretch your legs whenever possible, and plan time for a nice, long walk once you’ve arrived at your destination. Movement will restore blood flow to your arms and legs, and the fresh air will help you shake off the stress of the journey. Bonus: you can burn away a few of the 4,500 calories the average Thanksgiving meal contains before you even sit down for dinner.

Are you planning to travel for Thanksgiving or Christmas? I hope these tips help in some way. Do you have any travel tips you would like to share?  I would love to hear your tips. Wishing you safe travels during this busy holiday season.


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