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Smoothie 101

Would you like a quick, convenient, nutrient-dense meal or snack you can drink through a straw while driving to the office, working at your desk, running errands or tackling household chores? A smoothie is the answer. Not only will it help you meet your recommended daily allowance of fruits and vegetables, all-natural homemade smoothies can fill you up, provide bone-strengthening calcium, control your blood sugar and aid in muscle growth. Even better, they’re very easy to make.

The first thing you’ll need to whip up a smoothie is a good blender. While the more expensive models will buzz through ice like butter and are less likely to overheat — destroying the enzymes and nutrients in your produce — you can find adequate beginner blenders at big box retailers and on Amazon for as little as $40 or less.

Now you’re ready to combine your smoothie ingredients. You can use just about any fruit or vegetable, and we have different smoothie recipes on the smooth movement. Start with a liquid base plus fruits and/or vegetables. You can make your smoothie even more nutritious when you add protein sources, healthy fats and superfoods. I have a list of various ingredient below.

Note: some ingredients appear more than once in the lists below because they have multiple uses. I’ve indicated superfoods with a (SF) as well.


To blend a perfect smoothie every time, start with half the amount of liquid called for in the recipe and then add your protein source, superfoods, vegetables, fruits, ice (if not using frozen fruit), and finish up with the remaining liquid. Start your blender out on slow speed and progress to a higher speed as the ingredients begin to incorporate.


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Drink a smoothie and keep it moving.



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