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A smoothie recipe and a Happy video just for You

I am working on a Recipe Detox Book and would like to share one of my smoothie recipes with you. The Very Berry Smoothie.


Nutrition is a key player in the journey to a healthy lifestyle.  I offer group detox sessions every 4 months. In my group sessions, clients from all over the world participate and eat clean (whole foods) for a week.  We avoid the toxic 5 (sugar, gluten, diary, alcohol and caffeine). By and large caffeine is the toughest one, for most of my clients. I provide the following during the detox

1) PHD Detox manual (Your Health Starts in the Kitchen Detox Manual)2) The Keep-you-accountable Personalized Worksheets

3) Your Health Starts in the Kitchen Grocery List

5) Your Health Starts in the Kitchen Recipe book and sample menu

With the group detox session there is a pre-detox week and a post-detox week. For 2014, I will also be offering a DIY  (Do-It-Yourself) Detox program which gives you the freedom to start at anytime and access to me through email. I will also be offering a free 5-day detox program for those that are not quite ready to commit to a full-blown detox but want to experience the benefits of a detox. To get more information about the various detox programs that I offer visit my website to subscribe to my newsletter.
I hope this video makes you smile and adds an extra helping of happiness to your day.
Have an Awesome Tuesday!

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