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Sports Drinks: Are They Good For our Kids?

Sports drinks and our kids! Sports beverages are always on the sidelines of children’s sports.  As parents, we want to know if they are safe. Should my child drink them?

Kids love the neon-colored beverages that are regularly available at games and practices. They sure look and taste better than water, don’t they? We are told that these type of beverages contain electrolytes which regulate bodily fluids and keep our bodies functioning properly.

When children sweat a lot during rigid physical activity, their body loses those electrolytes which can cause muscle cramps, exhaustion, nausea, and disorientation. Sports drinks fill in those lost electrolytes and revive balance to the body’s systems. Thus, they bring no harm. Our kids can have them, right? Not so quick.

Sports drinks are high in processed sugar and we all know what too much intake of “processed sugar” means. It causes the body to store fat inefficiently and leads to obesity. Besides, kids can actually stay hydrated by drinking water and replenish any lost electrolytes by eating normal healthy food.

So, what’s the best “sports drink” for kids? Are there healthy options to these neon-colored beverages other than water? Watch the video and find out.

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