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Stop Looking To The Past


It’s easy to look to the past and give the answer “I’ve never done it before” when creating something new. However when coaching my clients I suggest they don’t  say or entertain the idea. The reason is you don’t want your brain to latch onto the thought and then find evidence that it won’t work which it will find and take you down a path that is difficult to crawl out from.

Yes it may be true that you’ve never done this new project that you are embarking on, however  you have done a lot of new things. In case you’re not sure let me jog your memory,

The first time you got married.

The first time you had a baby and become a parent.

The first time you drove.

The first time you went to college.

The first time you ran or walked a 5K (I know some of you have done that).

The first time you worked after college.

I’m very sure one of these firsts applies to you.

When you start something new  your brain might remind you that you’ve never done it before. What is the upside to thinking that thought?

Does the thought “I’ve never done it before” lift you up or bring you down?

Does it empower or disempower you?

You have a choice to think differently if you’re not happy with the way it make you feel which will ultimately affect your outcome.

You have a choice to think a different thought that will move you towards your goal.

I normally suggest to my clients to use inserts with their thoughts.

For example “I’ve never done this before (insert) and that’s okay”

This statement makes you feel encouraged and tells your brain that you acknowledge the thought but you’re not letting it stop you.  This way your brain can stop searching the past for evidence.

Take on a future-focused approach as you tackle that new project, new weight loss goal, new book, new business etc.

You got this. Let’s go!

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